Stacy Branyan
Blackstone Partners LLC

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Committed to Getting the Results you Deserve!

Over the years, I’ve built my business and reputation on doing the very best job possible for my clients. Since not all real estate agents are alike, I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly I do differently that makes my listings sell faster and, in most cases, receive multiple offers.


    • Using my decade plus of experience and expertise, I help sellers choose finishings, stage their homes and ensure all homes are ready for the market.
    • I use professional photography to highlight each home’s best features. Remember, we only get opportunity to make a first impression!
    • I also do extensive market research for each and every listing to ensure it is priced correctly, not just for the market, but for my clients as well.


I utilize every possible avenue to sell each home. Through the use of innovative marketing, designed to maximize exposure, I increase the opportunity of the right buyer seeing each home. Within hours of being listed on MLS, my listings are placed on every free and paid website available to me, including the Yahoo!-Zillow Real Estate Network (the largest real estate network on the web),, Redfin, HGTV Frontdoor, and more. In addition, I also:

    • Place highly targeted, paid ads on Facebook (more details included on pages 11-12 of my Seller's Packet).
    • Feature my listings in my eNewsletters, which reach my list of 951 subscribers, many of whom are actively looking to buy.
    • Advertise my listings in my bimonthly magazine (sample pages included on page 13 of my Seller's Packet).
    • Host open houses to the general public at the owner’s discretion.
    • Directly contact specific buyers and/or agents who may have clients looking for a similar property in a similar area as your home.
    • Distribute high quality flyers and brochures promoting my listings (I can provide you with a sample when we meet in person!).


When multiple offers are received, I use my experience and know-how to negotiate the best possible deal for my clients. I am there to help with any issues during the inspection process, help mediate repair requests, and ensure the sale stays on track and closing stays on schedule.

My Services for Sellers:

I have over 12 years of experience marketing and listing properties. I am a full-time Real Estate Agent and Associate Broker. For me, this is not a part time or side endeavor. It is my career, which I love, and take very seriously. In the enclosed pages, I’ll explain to you all the things I do differently to make my listings sell faster and for more money. Through preparation, marketing, and negotiation, we can achieve your goals together!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a “buyer’s market” or a “seller’s market,” there is always fierce competition to win over those few “qualified buyers” who are looking. I understand that in order to get your property SOLD at your price and on your terms, you will need aggressive, effective representation to direct those buyers to your property.

What you can expect:

  • Property Preparation Walkthrough: Together we will walk the exterior and interior of your property to identify areas that need to be addressed prior to putting it on the market.  Unlike some agents who may just go down a checklist of items, I will always keep you, the client, in mind and do my best to recommend simple, budget-friendly adjustments that will translate into real dollars. Keep in mind that you only get one opportunity to make a first impression! Alternatively, I understand that the last thing you want to do is invest more than is needed to get your home ready for the market. It is a balancing act that we can maneuver together. More information on home preparation can be found on pages 15-18 of my Seller's Packet.
  • Professional Photography: I will arrange (and pay for) professional photos to be taken. I will be present the day photos are taken to help with any last minute staging, and to ensure your property looks its absolute best! Sample photos of my past listings can be found on pages 9-10 of my Seller's Packet.
  • Property & Market Analysis: I will pull comparative sales from your area, and explain a detailed property and market analysis. We will work together to set your goals for selling your home. I understand that not every seller has the same goals for their sale, and I will do everything possible to help you achieve YOUR goals.
  • Marketing: Blackstone Partners has maximum exposure on MLS, and is active on hundreds of other websites.  We market on every free and paid site available. I am also constantly coming up with innovative new ways to market my listings. Additional information about online marketing, including Facebook (pages 11-12), is included in my Seller's Packet.
  • Flyers and Mailers: I print high quality, color flyers for each of my listings, and will send letters to all homes in your area to make them aware of your listing when appropriate. I can provide you with a sample flyer in person!
  • Open Houses: I will host open houses to the general public at your discretion.
  • Weekly Updates: Each Tuesday, I send out weekly feedback and showing updates. These updates aren’t your typical canned reports. I list in detail each and everything I have done that week to get your home in front of as many potential buyers as possible. I include both qualitative and quantitative data, so you are able to see the actual reach of many of the advertisements that I run each week for your listing.

Your goals are my goals, and I’m so confident I can provide you with the best service possible, I am willing to offer a no obligation, full service trial listing. For more information, please call me on my direct line at 225-229-0451. You can also email me at