Do You Need a Realtor for New Construction?

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Purchasing new construction can be tricky! Do you really need a realtor for this, or should you just go into the sales office? 

Going right into the sales office in a new construction subdivision, or calling the number on the sign, are definitely options, however, there are many pros to using your own realtor when purchasing new construction or building your own custom home. 

When you go into the sales office, in most cases, the builder rep is an employee of the builder, so their allegiance is to the builder. If it's an outside Realtor representing the builder, he/she will typically have a long standing relationship with that builder and sell most, if not all, of their homes. On the flip side, if you have your own Realtor, you're guaranteed someone is looking out for YOUR best interest! Even if the price isn't negotiable, there is always room for negotiation on finishings and "extras" that you may miss out on without a Realtor on your side.

Below are some additional benefits of using a Realtor when looking at new construction:

-Many times builders advertise incentives to Realtors in an effort to get agents into their neighborhoods. Oftentimes, these incentives may not be advertised to the public.

-If you know that you want to look at new construction in a particular area, it is convenient to have a Realtor who can show you several different builders' neighborhoods, rather than going from sales office to sales office, working with people who are only tied to one particular builder. 

-As a Realtor, I have the ability to pull the trends in each neighborhood. Contrary to popular belief, not all new neighborhoods go up in value! Some have actually gone down.

-Lastly, as a buyer, it doesn't cost you anything to use a Realtor!

If you're interested in new construction, I'd love to talk with you to discuss the process. Additionally, if you have any questions about buying in general, I would be happy to meet with you to discuss where you are in the process, and what type of timeline makes sense for your situation. I can also connect you with a lender if you're interested in speaking with someone about the loan process.